Training update 8/31/09

Rue and I have been busy working on our turns off of the dogwalk and I think we might be getting somewhere!  I’ve been solely working on this using our board contraption and so far I’ve been able to progress to the jumps being at about a 45 degree angle from the end of the ramp.  I’m now just working on turns to the left and have slowly made the jump parallel to the board, but in the same position as it was in at the 45 degree angle.  I will now slowly bring it closer back towards the board and then eventually start rotating it perpendicular to the end of the board like a 180.  From there I will bring it further and further back.  From Silvia Trkman’s blog:


I also intermix a “go go” command so that she can start learning the difference in verbals as well as my location/decel/converge/diverge for turns versus straight exits.  I haven’t gotten any video of this process yet, but plan to do this soon! 

Otherwise, we’ve been working on handling various sequences.  I also reintroduced some walk handling as I really like what it does for both of their understanding and obstacle independence.  I don’t give any obstacle commands, the dog takes what I’m indicating with body position and turning cues.  Rue was raised with this foundation, but it’s still fairly new for Mr. Miles as you’ll tell from the videos.  Here are two short videos of walk handling:

We also went to Friday night run-throughs at our club where they had an Advanced Standard course set up.  I ran both dogs at 22″, but since I got there late I didn’t have time to walk the course except once during the jump height change for 22″!  I ran Miles first since he’s much more forgiving of my blunders 😉  He did well, but our turn was kinda wild with some wide turns and a dropped bar due to late cues on my part.  I got it together for Rue’s run and she did fantastic!!  She was a bit slow on the dogwalk, but cantered the whole thing.  Unfortunately, her stride was shortened so her hit was pretty high.  I did go back and just work the dw after our turn and she gained more speed and had better hits.  I’m pretty sure it was due to there being a tunnel under the up ramp as she deliberately looked down at it on her way up.  It was also dark out and misty so the contacts were slightly damp (not slippery though).

That’s all for now.  Miles and I have 3 days of USDAA on our home turf this weekend!

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