Dogwalk turns

We seem to be getting somewhere, I hope!  I’ve been doing a lot of practice with her board contraption to take the pressure off of the dogwalk itself and her last few sessions have been 90-95% successful no matter how I turn her!  I’m trying to be consistent with my motion cues (ie. lateral motion, decel, shoulder rotation) so that it’s the same whether we’re working with a jump or the dogwalk.  The difference is the timing as to when I need to tell her that a turn is coming and how much collection she’ll need.  With Rue it seems as though there is enough time to push her until the top of the down ramp and then show clear turning cues or continue to run forward with extension cues. 

Here’s a video of a recent session on her board.  This was the first time I attempted true collection for a tight 180 turn as well as the first time I tried a push off the end.  She was perfect with true collection, but as expect had a little more trouble with the push.  It seemed that when she felt my convergence on her path she lept in order to finish quicker.  Will need to work on my timing there and see if it helps to wait just a little longer before putting pressure on.

As far as the real dogwalk, she’s been 100% in her last two sessions and I even had her do a 180 exit into the weaves several times and couldn’t get her to mess up.  Feeling good!!

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