PBH USDAA trial 10/11/09

Just a quick report as it was just one run for Miles today.  I was happy to wake up to much cooler weather today and was excited to just do PII Standard after our full day yesterday!  I got to PBH around 10:30 and pretty close to the time that we walked the course.  Looked fun and very doable for Mr. Miles 🙂  Not surprisingly he was very happy to come out and play and boy was he fast off the line, holy smokes!  He dropped an unfortunate bar, not sure why, but had a very fast down on the table and great contacts and weaves!

After that I had a while before Masters Pairs would run.  I was running Melanie’s older BC Regan for the second time in Pairs with her and Austin.  We ran together back over Memorial Day weekend and it was a blast.  Unfortunately, we didn’t do any practicing before this run and Regan has decided to get faster in the meantime.  She was very naughty for me today 😉  We took the first half and I tried to leave her at the startline, but Regan wasn’t going to have that.  I had to reset her 3 times at which point the judge told me that if I did that again she’d have to fault me.  Well she broke her sit again so off we went!  I wasn’t in position for her aframe and she jumped the contact, dang!  I was definitely flustered, but managed to hang onto her until the end somehow.  Of course once we were done, she thought it’d be fun to play keep away and it took me about 5 seconds at least to grab her before I could give the batton to Melanie.  She and Austin were perfect and somehow we were fast enough to give her the Q, phew!

Up next:  Two weekends of AKC locally and then a weekend off, sweet!

ETA:  Watched the video closely and it’s hard to see from the camera angle, but it appears that he wrapped the jump tightly and his tail hit the jump standard which made the bar fall 😦


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