Teamworks USDAA trial 2/13/10: Miles gets GP and Stp Q’s and qualifies for Nats!

Miles and I headed up to Teamworks on Saturday afternoon despite the 4″ of snow they got overnight at the trial site.  Thank goodness they planned ahead and put plastic down on the fields and covered the contacts!  Here’s a before picture from the morning….

And after they swept and shoveled the snow and removed the plastic.  Game on!!

So I only entered Miles and only for the purpose of trying to get our last Q’s for USDAA Nationals (we got PVP, Stp, and GP Q’s a few weeks ago).  He loves to trial at this site, so I was hopeful to maybe get a bye for GP as well.  As expected, monkey was super fast and happy.  GP was a really nice course with only one little tricky area.  Unfortunately a hesitation before the tire and a bit of a wide turn before the pinwheel cost him the win by .5 seconds.

Steeplechase was another great course for us.  Miles wouldn’t stay on the start line in a stand (sweet!) so I had to put him in a sit.  Even then he tried to break his stay 😉  Even with two wide turns, we got the win and our last Q needed for Nationals!  Unfortunately, we left for Florida the next day, so didn’t get a chance to run for $$.

We’re down in Tampa for the week at Awesome Paws Camp and then will hit Savannah AKC trial on the way back up next weekend….

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