Danville Kennel Club AKC trial 3/19-20/10: Miles earns his MX and gets QQ #6!

Wow, I’m getting bad!  Here’s the report from last weekend’s trial 🙂 

On Friday we headed to a new site for us in Providence, NC.  Indoors on dirt is typically ideal for my pups, but this place is a very active horse arena with horses still in the stalls for most of the day both days.  Amazingly this did not phase Miles at all!  I guess my boy really is growing up, hehe.  Rue, on the other hand, was very distracted by the smells and sites in this facility.

Excellent Standard ran first.  I only entered Rue in JWW for this weekend since I wasn’t sure at the time how last weekend would have gone with putting her back in the Standard classes.  In any case, my goals for both dogs were speed and that’s it.  I felt that the Charlotte weekend did a little damage to Miles’ confidence with the call-off, the lead outs, and the conservative handling….so I wanted to make sure I kept it very fun for him.  And with lil’ Rue, I was eager to continue to work on our start line routine.  Miles had a fantastic Std run at 4.2yps and rewarded me with his MX!!  He actually won the class and earned himself 42 points, wow!

JWW was even more fun.  I challenged myself to make all FCs and I did it.  Miles was smokin’ fast and turned in a 5.4yps run to earn 4th place, 12 points and QQ #6!  He even saved my butt at the end because my frontcross was totally in the wrong place 😉

Rue and I apparently had a different agenda.  I had her tugging on her leash really good as we went into the ring, but it got wrapped around her leg.  The second it took for me to untangle it was enough for us to lose that connection and then had to wait a bit on the line.  She still took off rather well, but I sent her out to a jump so I could get into position for a FC and that stressed her into sniffing 😦  After a visit to the finish jump and to a ring steward, we got it together for a really nice rest of the run!

Saturday brought two more great courses by Sionag Black.  I was excited to continue my push for speed without regard to accuracy with Miles.  An unfortunate miscue off the teeter led to a refusal, but he really blew it out in that run!  If not for the time wasted at that jump and a few seconds delaying his down on the table this would have been a sub 40 sec. run.  As it was, he still had the 2nd fastest time for the class 🙂

JWW was a nice course which allowed big dogs room to open up.  Rue’s run was first and again we lost a tugging connection on the way into the ring.  She went off the line well, but didn’t like that I didn’t tell her where we were going out of the tunnel so she went to visit a spectator.  We had an offcourse on her way back that I ignored and I got her moving a bit better.  She slowed to sniff the dirt in the poles, but never truly stopped.  I’m hoping we will work through these issues soon, but I may need to stop trialing her for a while to add more positive associations in with agility.  I will see how she does over the next few weeks before our next trial and make the call after that.

Miles, OTOH, was brilliantly fast in this run.  I should have done more of a lateral send out of the tunnel because my forward motion sent him off course, but he was movin’!  I also pulled him off the 3rd to last jump, but that was just sloppy handling.  Very happy with his speed on this one!  He had the 2nd fastest time among some very fast dogs on this run even with the extra yardage of the off course!!

This weekend I’ve just entered Miles locally for two days of AKC.  It’s at his favorite outdoor venue, so look for some super fast runs!

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