Greater Columbia Obedience Club AKC trial 4/10-11/10: Rue gets QQ#1 and Miles gets QQ#8!!

Note:  I finally just figured out that I could upload my videos directly from my camera to YouTube so that they’d be in HD.  Duh!  Hope you enjoy the nicer quality as much as I do!!  (and there will never be wierd pixely videos ever again, yeah!)


Last Friday after work the dogs and I made the 3.5 hour drive to Columbia, SC for two days of AKC agility.  I had not been to this site, but had heard great things about it and was excited to be running under cover on dirt!  I arrived at my hotel around 8:30 and was very pleasantly surprised to see that it was newly redone with nice furnishings and an extremely comfortable bed…which I of course promptly inspected for bed bugs (fun lessons learned from Savannah, bleh).  After getting my bearings and getting my plan ready for the morning, I hit the hay to snuggle with the pups.


Apparently the bed was a bit too comfortable because I completely overslept, ugh.  Somehow I had set the alarm, but never actually turned it on…oops!  So all plans to work out in the morning were shot and I was stuck scrambling to get my stuff ready and get out the door.

Exc. JWW was first, small-tall.  They separated 20″ for their own group for walk through and running.  It was really nice for me to be able to concentrate only on one dog during the walk through!  The course looked fast and something that Rue would find fun.  I planned to stay with the tunnels on my left in the beginning which would force me to support the first tunnel more and also would then require me to scramble to get into position for the push out of the 2nd tunnel.  Rue likes to see me scramble I think 😉  Apparently I was right about this course because she did great!  There was no trotting for her on this course at all, yay!!  Of note, I used high value food during her warm up instead of trying to do my whole tug/steal the toy/switch to the leash thing.  Only time will tell if she continues to like this routine.  Anyway, here’s her run at a scorchin’ 5.2yps earning her 12 points and MXJ leg #4 🙂

Miles thought this course was pretty darn fun too!  I am really proud of this run…it’s the fastest time he’s ever laid down and he ran clean!  He had two wide turns, but otherwise I think we communticated very well and were quite efficient.  This earned him a 3rd place finish and 16 points!  5.9yps baby, woohoo!!

Standard didn’t follow too much behind JWW and the course designed by John Barry Hall looked to be another fun one!  I was pleased to see a relatively straight exit from the DW for lil’ Rue 😉  Unfortunately, she wasn’t as motivated in this run as she was in JWW and never really opened up until the end.  She never trotted, but also never extended her stride either.  The DW was very funny in that it had springy supports under the end ramps that gave quite a bit.  She had a very nice hit, but her striding was off and she had to add and extra one in order to make a good hit.  I imagine she thought it was the teeter initially and that threw off her striding from the beginning.  She was very smart to adjust in order to hit her contact though!  Lil’ muffin ended up getting her very first QQ with this run and her first MX leg 🙂  They brought in a different judge to actually measure and judge these courses as John wasn’t at the trial.  I believe she wheeled this one very tightly as the course time was only 57 seconds.  Rue got 6pts….

Miles was apparently still on his high from JWW because he was a wild man!  An unfortunate miscue made him miss the second element in the serp, so I just wanted to see what we could do after that.  He had a gorgeous teeter and super fast table sit, but then I led out and he stood up…monkey.  He sat back down quickly and I led back out.  Well apparently the little lead out cued major extension for Mr. Bigstride because he flew to an off course jump and then happily ran backwards over the triple and another jump until we finally got back together for the close, hehe.  He had fun 🙂

We were done by 3pm, so I set off back to the hotel to map a run for the afternoon.  Somehow I managed to run 6 miles in the SC heat and then found a great sushi place downtown for dinner.


Exc. Standard was first, tall-small.  The course looked very tricky and required a ton of handler focus.  There was also a difficult dogwalk exit, so all that combined I thought I’d probably scratch Rue.  I decided to run it with Miles first before making my final decision on her, but if it ran the way it looked, she’d hate it.  Somehow I managed to hang on to him, but it was a little wide and wild!  Q and 2nd place for 24pts!  And yes, I scratched Rue.

JWW looked like awesome fun and I was excited to end the day with an open course.  Again, it was wheeled rather tightly so SCT was only 37 sec….might be tight with the Ruedle.  Miles had a great run, but I almost sent him offcourse (must’ve pushed in on his line a bit), but he called off.  We lost a few seconds there, so only 4.8yps, 8pts,  and no placement….but QQ #8 and only one more to go for 2011 Nationals!!

I thought I’d start Rue on the other side of me so that we’d be racing to the triple for a rear.  Unfortunately, my plan was foiled when the little one decided that she didn’t like it and proceded to trot up to the triple 😦  In hindsight at that point I either should have done a FC before the triple or a RC on the flat after the triple b/c I stood there for a while waiting for her.  She managed to speed up pretty good for the rest and really hauled down the back line to the finish!  Squeeked by with a Q and 1 whole point, haha!  This makes MXJ #5 🙂

Well that’s all folks.  We’re off next weekend and then will get to play locally for 3 days of AKC 🙂

2 thoughts on “Greater Columbia Obedience Club AKC trial 4/10-11/10: Rue gets QQ#1 and Miles gets QQ#8!!

  1. I’m curious to hear more about how you fit in workouts when you’re away trialing for a weekend. I guess I’m having a hard time visualizing running anywhere I trial, since it’s often in or just outside of really large cities, such as St. Louis or Columbus (although if I planned ahead I could probably find nearby parks). Do you crate the dogs in your hotel room when you run? If you have time, I’d like to hear more about how you work it in.

    • Hi Kathy,
      I will typically research the area before I go (both around the site and my hotel) to see if there are any parks nearby or if it’s in a neighborhoody type place or not. Then once I’m there I’ll get a feel for it and I use to find a route. Typically I’ll leave the dogs for at least part of the run….sometimes they come with me for 2-3 miles. I’ve brought my bike with me to Asheville before, but I used to live there during PA school rotations and know the area very well.

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