Winston-Salem Dog Training Club AKC trial 5/8-9/10: Rue gets QQ #2!!

I’m a slacker, oops!  This trial was 2 weeks ago and so much has been going on between then and now that it seems like it was last year!!  I’m not sure I’ll remember any details, so here’s the report in abbreviated fashion…


Small to tall with JWW first.  I get Rue warmed up with treats and she’s really revved to go on the line.  Timer says “go” and off we go….10 obstacles later the judge says “sorry you’re going to have to start over, I wasn’t ready”…ack!  So I run back to the start gate all the while telling her we’re going to get cookies.  She was excited to leave and get cookies, but everyone was very confused as to what was happening.  Finally after a few dogs ran, we got to try again.  I don’t think she was as fast the second time out, but I handled it differently both times.  She still turned in a respectable run at 4.51yps for MXJ leg #8. 

Somehow this weekend I forgot how fast Miles is and never really walked the courses for him correctly.  It is especially evident in this first run…I was late on 2 of my FC’s and ultimately caused the double to come down because I was completely in his way, ugh.  He was still very fast at 5.61yps.

Standard was an interesting course with a very difficult challenge at the end of the dogwalk.  I focused on Rue’s run since she had a QQ on the line and decided I would try a blind at the end of the dogwalk to keep her extended as much as possible, but also to signal the correct tunnel hole.  Well it worked perfectly and she had a gorgeous hit.  She did add a stride, so the blind must have signaled some sort of turn for her I guess?  Or it was the fact that we were running towards the wall and maybe I wasn’t running as hard as I had thought I was?  Anyway, the rest of the run was perfect although we had a little table issue.  The judge starting counting very late as Rue was already down for a few seconds before she started.  Then I guess she got an itch and started to lick her back leg and popped up her elbows with 1 second left on the count.  I got her attention and downed her again before finishing strong.  I believe the entire table incident was 13 or 14 seconds.  We Q’d by the skin of our teeth on this one!  MX leg #2 and QQ #2!!

Again, I didn’t walk for Miles at all so this was all by the seat of my pants.  I LOVE the lead out I got and his speed off the line is amazing!  I don’t like the FC after the dogwalk for him at all and I was very late with my FC before the frame which pulled him off of it.  The rest was just training stuff, etc.  He had fun at least 🙂


Tall to small today and I really wanted to concentrate more on Miles today since I sold him short on Saturday.  Standard was first and had a challenging wrap before the dogwalk.  I got him over that jump and he had started to wrap back, but someone was whistling really loudly.  I think this threw him off a bit and he ended up backjumping, dang it!  Again the rest of this run was just training stuff, so we had a few errors 🙂  He still had fun….

Lil’ Rue didn’t like the start of this run at all.  This tends to be a consistent theme of tunnel starts for her….probably doesn’t like the immediate break in connection??  She did speed up at the dogwalk and had a high hit.  I planned to blind her here as well, but wasn’t in the right spot so opted for a push.  She got a nice weave entry and the rest was brilliant except for an unfortunate bar on the panel.

JWW looked very fun and fast.  I again walked for Miles and figured I’d wing it with Rue based on her speed.  It was another opening that I thought she’d dislike anyway.  Miles flew through this course, but had a bar after the triple.  I heard from folks who built the course that the dirt was very soft right there where he landed/took off, so that’s probably why and a lot of dogs took that bar.  I also pushed him wide around a jump…need to work more on lateral sends, dang it!  Otherwise smokin’ and way fun 🙂 

As expected Rue was pokey off the line.  She also knocked over the ring gate on the way in which may have shook her a bit too.  She managed to keep going and I hung onto her for MXJ leg #9, but no points.  Ugh.

There you have it…sorry for the delay!  This weekend I’ll be working both dogs in a workshop with Rosanne DeMascio and then we head to Asheville next weekend for 3 days of AKC including ISC classes, yay!  Then down to Perry, GA for the USDAA Southeast Regional 🙂