Catching up

Boy have we been busy!  I have three trials to post about so I’m just going to do them all here.  Overall the pups have been doing great.  Miles is really stepping up his game and Rue is on a new program to help her get faster.

Memorial Day weekend we traveled to Asheville, NC for one of my favorite trials….BRAC’s AKC trial.  Indoors on dirt and this time in three rings.  Overall the big accomplishments were that Miles got QQ #10 which landed him in the Golden Retriever Agility Dog Hall of Fame (ADHF).  He also was an international superstar and took 2nd place in ISC JWW 26″ earning himself (and me) $33!  Rue nabbed QQ #3 and her MXJ!  Here are the videos:




Our next adventure was down to Perry, GA for USDAA Southeast Regionals.  This was our first time to a Regional event and I was cautiously optimistic for Miles.  He was entered in Team and Grand Prix Semi-finals and Rue was in 5 Starters classes.  Major accomplishments for this trial was that somehow Miles’ team went for NQ to Q due to a kick ass Relay run which in turn gave Miles his Accomplished Tournament Dog (ATD) title.  He also shocked and amazed me by making it to Performance Grand Prix Finals and then coming in 7th for a bye to Semis at Nationals!  I also learned a ton about Rue and her ring stress.  As you’ll see in the videos I started out with only doing 5 obstacles on course and gradually increased it.  Bye the end of Sunday, I decided to try an entire Starters Snooker course (13 obstacles) and she freaking ROCKED it!  You’ll be seeing us doing mini loops on course for a little while to come.




And now onto the business of yesterday.  We headed down to Bon-Clyde just for one day of AKC agility.  No real goals for this trial and honestly the sand surface makes me a bit nervous, but we’ll be trialing her a few times this summer so I wanted to get back on the horse so to speak.  Again the plan was for Rue to just run a few obstacles and get out.  For Miles I was just hoping for fun and hopefully some points.  Unfortunately he had a massive fly-off on the teeter which caused us to miss a QQ.  I’m in the process of adding a stop back in because he just is getting more and more naughty on this obstacle.

(I need to add Rue’s JWW run, but YouTube keeps flaking out on me.  Hopefully will have it up later).

So that’s it!  Today I have a private lesson with Karen Holik then on Friday I’m doing a few runs at a local CPE trial with Rue.  The following weekend we’re back at Bon-Clyde.

One thought on “Catching up

  1. thank you for sharing all your videos..such a pleasure to see other than border collies..I cant remember how I found your site!!! I think it’s via AgilityNerd.I’m a great zapper …lol….. American agilitistes are great for sharing their training hints etc.
    I have a dalmatien Vicky 6 yrs and I’m starting a new dalmatien 2yr rescue dog .
    keep on sending your films

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