IMG_1643I wanted to go more in depth about the wonderful breeding I posted about on Facebook the other day.  I’m VERY excited about this!  Rue’s litter-sister, Punch was bred just before Christmas to a really nice field dog named Shag.  Gayle Watkins (Rue’s breeder) bred to Shag last year and got some great pups out of him.  This litter will be raised by Jill Brown in Canada, but she will be using Gayle’s puppy raising system which you can read about here:  http://www.gaylans.com/raising.html

Jill was nice enough to provide me some write ups of the expecting parents 🙂

Can. MOTCH Gaylan’s You Quack Me Up


Punch is a stylish little bitch whether competing in obedience or field. An enthusiastic and accurate partner in obedience, Punch has earned her MOTCH in Canada and finished her American CDX in one weekend while visiting friends in New York.  She has multiple Am/Can High In Trial awards, as well as a 200 out of Open B.   On her last trip to the States she won the Utility A class at the 2012 GRCA National Specialty.


Punch started her field career by earning her Canadian Working Certificate and Working Certificate Intermediate on the same weekend.  Just a few weeks later she finished her Junior Hunter title.

While at the GRCA National Specialty she also came home with her Working Certificate Excellent.  The icing on the cake  was when Punch earned her Certificate of Conformation Assessment at the same specialty.  Her WCX and CCA completed the requirements needed for the prestigious GRCA Triathlon Award.


Even though Punch loves to work (and play!), she also has a wonderful on/off switch making her a joy to live with, as well as a blast to train.  She has a beautiful water entry and is a fast, strong swimmer.  She has no preference between clean or dirty water 😉


Punch is a small, balanced, athletic bitch that moves cleanly coming and going.  Although I would prefer a bit more substance, she is nicely muscled, has beautiful length of neck and a strong loin.   She has a lovely topline, correct tailset and tail carriage. She has a pleasant head with a kind expression, nice pigment, a dark eye, full dentition and scissors bite. Her coat is smooth, medium gold in color, with correct texture and undercoat, allowing it to dry quickly.


Punch has OFA Excellent hips, normal elbows, heart and eyes. She is also clear for prcd-PRA, PRA-1 and Ichthyosis, and has no history of skin allergies, ear infections or hot spots.

Punch’s littermates include:

•  OTCH Gaylan’s Catch A Rising Star UDX3 OM5 AX AXJ OF OBHF CCA CGC


•  MACH Gaylan’s Mad About Rue OF ADHF PTM AAD ASA AG CGC

•  Gaylan’s Little Tramp CDX TD MX MXJ MXF CGC

•  Gaylan’s Laughing Out Loud RA OA AXJ NF AD SSA SJ CGC

•  Gaylan’s Second City Stand Up NA NAJ JH WCX VC CCA

•  Gaylan’s Siriusly Not Joking CCA

•  Gaylan’s S’ M-A-S-H ‘N Success Can CDX JH WCX

They all have their clearances and seven have OFA Excellent hips and the last is OVC normal. All have had their elbows x-rayed and seven have normal elbows and one has asymptomatic, unilateral grade 1 Elbow dysplasia. All have clear eyes and normal hearts.

Punch’s dam and sire have/had all clear eye exams but her maternal granddam does have a mild case of PU.  One of Punch’s littermates died at 3 years of age from a stomach ulceration. He was diagnosed with Grade 1 stomach cancer but we will never know the relationship to that tumor and his untimely death. The remainder of Punch’s relatives are healthy, sound dogs that have been active and competing successfully throughout their lives.

Punch’s Mother, maternal Granddam and maternal Grandsire are all still happy, healthy, and active at 8 1/2, 11 ½ and 12 ½ yrs of age respectively.  All three have excellent hip ratings.

Punch, Grandpa Goose, and Mama Dart:


UH Trifecta’s Shag–edelic CCA CD WCX MH *** 




Ten-year old Shag is a bold, hard-driving working dog who has excelled with his first time owner and handler. As a young dog, Shag made the 2004 National Derby list and became Qualified All-Age before the age of 2. Since then, he has earned Open and Amateur Field Trial Stake placements in the US and Canada, made it to the sixth series of the Canadian National Open Retriever Championship in 2007, finished his Master Hunter title handily, and earned his Companion Dog title with placements. 


I recently had the opportunity to spend time with Shag and loved what I saw. He ran well in the GRCA National Specialty Field Trial, marking and handling beautifully. He showed he is strong in the water and has an excellent nose. After the run, he schmoozed with me, looking for belly rubs and pets. He even took the time to play with the young puppy that managed to escape its owner!  Shag exudes confidence! No matter where he goes or who he is with, he takes everything in stride. He gets along well with other dogs and people and is happy to hang out at home with the kids when he isn’t training or competing. 

Shag up-close ZF-8270-93411-1-006

Shag is a handsome dog with a masculine head and athletic body. He has an intelligent expression with a dark eye and very good pigment. He has a scissors bite with full dentition. His coat is dead straight and wash-and-wear with good undercoat. He has appropriate substance with good depth and breadth of chest. He has good angulation front and rear with adequate forechest. Shag’s topline is level and strong and he carries his tail straight off his back. He moves like the athlete that he is although he is a bit longer in leg and lighter in bone than is ideal.


Shag’s pedigree is filled with talented working dogs that also had good health and longevity. Shag’s sire was the great Rugby, AFC Emberain Rugby. Rugby won his first Derby at 10 months of age, is the only golden in history to be on the National Derby list before he turned a year, and became both an Amateur Field Champion and a member of the GRCA’s Field Dog Hall of Fame at the age of 4. Rugby was an excellent sire, producing pups that excelled in field trials, hunt tests, obedience and agility. He died unexpectedly at 9 1/2 of an unknown illness, possibly tick borne, but apparently not cancer. 

Shag water blind

Shag’s dam was Grace and Lisa’s wonderful bitch, Audie, who was QAA and a Master Hunter lived till 14 according to her owners. Audie

produced a number of ** and *** dogs, including Trifecta’s Bet on Me***, who is a double-header winner (winner of the Open and the Amateur stakes at the same field trial). 


 In this pairing of Punch and Shag we expect intelligent, focused working dogs with the ability to excel in any performance game. They will do best with experienced handlers who want to compete at high levels in multiple venues: obedience, field, agility, and/or tracking. They will be confident, stable animals who will seek to be working partners with their trainers. This pedigree has very good longevity, soundness and health. 

To view the pedigree on this upcoming PunchXShag breeding, visit: