2013 Halfway update

Gosh I haven’t been around here much…guess that’s what happens when nothing too pressing is going on!  Plus Facebook is just easier, I admit……but figured it was due time for a blog update since I haven’t written about the pups after we got back from USDAA Nationals last October.

We had a fair bit of time off after that per usual…time to reflect, recover, and start thinking about the goals for 2013.  All this time my main focus with Rue has been for her to have fun out there and now, halfway through the year, I think I can FINALLY say that we’ve arrived.  It’s becoming more difficult for me to remember back to how she was even a year ago because now when we step to the line I am confident that we are in for a fun time!

Our first trial back after USDAA Nationals was a tournament only show up in Barto, PA put on by MEB’s club KineticDog.  I have NEVER been to a more awesome “local” show than this one.  The club was fantastic, the site beautiful, and the equipment was just awesome.  Both dogs had a fabulous showing there and we took home lots of ribbons, placements, money, and Q’s for this year’s Cynosport Games.  This was the first time that I thought, wow, I have the same dog in a trial that I have in practice!!  Go Rue 🙂  Miles and his awesome teammate Sassy/Mardi Closson “Kiss My Sass” took 6th Place in PVP, yeah!

Our next stop was to Asheville for one of my favorite USDAA trials of the year….BRAC.  Once again, I was not disappointed!  Again, Rue was on FIRE and Miles was his typical awesome self.  Both dogs got lots of Qs, placements, and money again 🙂

At the start of 2013, we saw another of my favorite USDAA shows with CPA in Raleigh.  No other local show can generate the energy of a big show like this one can.  3 rings, thousands of runs, lots of vendors, just simply awesome.  Miles used to be terrified of this arena, but now he struts around there like he owns the place.  Both pups again had a fabulous showing.  Miles earned his PDCH under Scott Chamberlain on a tough Jumpers course too, yeah Miles!!  Rue and her teammate Maverick/Dudley Fontaine “DAM it feels good to be a hamsta” dominated PVP and finished 4th overall for that needed team Q.



In February, we took a marathon trip up the East Coast in search of PGP Regional Byes.  Our first stop was Dream Park, NJ.  Both dogs ran great, Rue had the fastest time but dropped a bar after a poorly timed blind cross, so Miles ended up with the bye…yeah!!  We then headed a few hours north to Greenwich, NY where Rue kept all the bars up, won the class and got the Bye 🙂  Mission accomplished.  After a brief stay in Baltimore, MD for a medical conference, we headed back to Barto, PA for some more USDAA and lots more fun and Qs.

Ever since last year when Rue qualified for AKC Nationals, I had debated if I was going to take her.  We stopped doing AKC last May after she finished her MACH and got her last QQs for Nats.  I had always noticed that Rue ran better in USDAA so that’s where we had decided to put all of our energy.  After a lot of debating, I decided to take her to Tulsa….what did I have to lose??  So Rue was entered as 1 of 409 dogs in the 20″ class…holy smokes that’s a big entry!!  I went there with absolutely no goals other than to have fun and run fast.  Rue was SOOOO excited to be there, she couldn’t wait to get into the ring (yay!).  Since the 20″ class was so big, they split us into two groups and my group actually ran Rd 2, Standard, first.  I wished it was the other way around because she historically is fastest in her first run and I had hoped that we’d get JWW out of the way early with a fast run, but that wasn’t in the cards.  Needless to say, she smoked the heck out of Standard and finished in 33 seconds 🙂  Rue held onto 3rd place for quite awhile, but after 409 dogs ran she ended up around 30th place.  JWW, our next run, was not as speedy.  It was a demotivating start for her and we never really got going.  Her time was decent and cumulative after 2 rounds we sat in 46th place (they were taking 31 to finals)…what?!?!  Wow.  Sunday’s Rd 3, Hybrid, was the perfect course for the little Miss.  I was so excited to get out there and just lay it down….but something happened in me and I was all of a sudden so nervous and focusing on going to the finals…something that I had never thought was possible.  I hated the way I was feeling…obsessing about things that I shouldn’t have been and watching dogs that were ahead of us in ranking crash and burn did not help my mental status at all.  So I took Rue for a nice loooong walk and had a talk with her….together we decided that it was far more fun to just go for broke and let the rest work itself out.  And go for broke we did…so much that I was late on a FC and she took the 3rd to last bar.  Oh well, no finals for us this year, but that was not our goal.  Overall her times would have put her in 26th place…out of 409 dogs THAT is something to be very proud of!!



Our next several trials were AKC trials.  I decided since Nationals was so fun that we needed to try to get qualified again…especially since it’s in Pennsylvania next year, woohoo!  Rue picked up her 4 QQs right away and we are nearly halfway to finishing the points and individual Qs needed to qualify.  She’s running great at 24″ and consistently wins Standard and places high in JWW.  Miles is LOVING Preferred and is 1 QQ away from NAC and then we’ll just be getting points and individual Qs for him too.

And our last adventure before wrapping up the first half of 2013 was a trip up to Michigan for the USDAA North Central Regional. I was THRILLED with both dogs’ showing there.  Rue continues on a hot streak and was speedy and happy all weekend.  She amazed me by going 3 clean in PGP with a 2nd place in the local qualifier on Friday and then blazed through Rd 1 and completely SMOKED Rd 2 to take 3rd place and the Semifinals bye to Cyno.  Likewise, she also blazed a trail through PSJ Rds 1 and 2 and picked up yet another SF bye!!  Crazy kid!  Miles did fabulously as well, he won PVP Standard and went clean in Rds 1 of both PGP and PSJ.  Unfortunately, the monkey side of him took over in Rd 2 of both and he had a brilliant flyoff on the seesaw in PGP finals and found an early tunnel in PSJ finals.  I guess he wanted me to go to more Regionals, haha!



And so there you have it…..blog updated…check 🙂  Next we head back up to Barto, PA for the Mid-Atlantic Regional in 2 wks.  Then a very light schedule through the summer before picking things up in the fall before USDAA Nationals!



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