Mid-Atlantic Regional

Back from our adventures up in Barto, PA for Keystone Agility Club’s Mid-Atlantic Regional.  The club did a really fabulous job hosting this enormous show.  So thank you to Keystone, MEB, George Mariakas and the fabulous judges for taking such good care of the competitors and for making the site even better than ever!

This trip was all about Miles since we didn’t have much luck getting our SF Byes up in Michigan.  I didn’t have him entered on team so I could just concentrate on PGP/PSJ.  I decided to keep Rue entered in PGP/PSJ just for practice, but I was excited mostly for our team with Mardi Closson and Sassy.  Certainly, I was particularly happy to be able to run her at all after she had suffered from a HUGE corneal abrasion last Sunday night.  We had our doubts that she would be well enough to run, but she healed up super fast and off we went to Pennsylvania.

Overall I was very happy with the weekend.  Rue was for sure not running her best as far as speed goes.  She is in a false pregnancy right now and this time of her cycle is the most difficult on her mentally.  It was also quite hot in the afternoons and she may have still had a little discomfort with her eye.  That said, I think she put in the best effort that she could given the circumstances.  Each time we go through this though I think very hard about spaying her……

Anyway, onto the details and video:

Friday was only Team/PVP runs, so Rue ran Jumpers, Snooker, Gamblers, and Standard in that order.  Miles was thoroughly bored, but was a good boy in his crate all day with breaks to retrieve his ball.  The courses were definitely challenging as they should be.  Rue was a perfect pup and took 4th in Jumpers, Q’d in Snooker, had a great opening in Gamblers, and ran clean in Standard.  Sassy also stayed clean and helped out greatly in the points category as well.  At the end of the day we sat in 11th and were above the cut-off!

On Saturday, Rue and Sassy ran Relay.  They had a fabulous run and took 1st Place in Relay and moved up to 10th overall for the team Q!!  Miles also finally got to play.  His first run was PGP Rd 1 and was a freebie since we had a Bye to Rd 2.  He was a crazy man, broke his stay, and we were off to the races. This was my favorite run with him all weekend for sure.  He took out a jump wing on the way to the seesaw at the end, but his time was very competitive 🙂  He also ran PSJ Rd 1 along with Rue.  It was a very technical course but I was able to hang onto his monkey fuzz and we made it to Rd 2!!  Rue also made it into the next round, yeah!

Sunday brought us the Finals rounds of PGP and PSJ.  I had also entered Miles in Masters Challenge Jumpers to try to finish up that qualification for Cynosport.  PGP was a tough course for both of my dogs.  I was thankful to get to run Rue first to get a feel for it.  All I wanted to do with her was to have fun and test a couple of things.  She had a decent run despite a demotivating start for her.  I tested pulling laterally off of her DW and she had a HUGE leap, whoops!  Somehow it didn’t get called, however…..humph don’t like that.  In any case, it was a good test run for Miles.  His run started off great until we got to the jump before the aframe.  He read a wrap as a rear cross and we spent several seconds getting him from back jumping and then nearly taking the dogwalk again….aaaack!!  I held on and we finished, but lost a good deal of time.  What stunk was Rue was sitting well into the Bye range while Miles was hanging out in 8th.  She didn’t need the Bye AND she didn’t deserve a Q at all since she totally biffed her DW.  There were 18 entries, so I knew they would only give 9 dogs the SF Bye.  With 6 dogs in the next group, my outlook on getting the Bye for Miles was dismal.  I would have never thought that I could take away my own dog’s Bye with my other dog!!  Somehow, all 6 dogs in the other group had faults and we GOT THE BYE!!!  OMG OMG OMG!

Our last run was PSJ Finals.  Miles was up first.  The wind had kicked up and was blowing the EZ up tent around over the start gate.  He was super duper nervous and I knew there was no way in heck he’d stay at the start line.  Fortunately I was able to think on my feet and we got it done.  He finished 4th and got another SF Bye!!!  Rue’s run was really really nice.  I chickened out in the closing line and caused a ton of lost time.  She probably could have made the podium, but oh well.  Perhaps subconsciously I did it on purpose so as not to potentially affect Miles’ Bye again 😉




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