Lives Are Busy


Lives are busy. “Remember quality time?” Everywhere it seems, people are over-scheduled and over-committed. “Workers are weary. Parents are pre-occupied. Children and family relationships are often neglected, says Kerby Anderson, author of “Living Ethically in the 90’s.” The year 2007 is in its last stages. Soon we will be heralding in the New Year. What have we done with our time since the 1990’s? What have we achieved?USA. Why?

Time is not renewable. If we squander our time it is lost forever. Nowadays, many people are surrendering their dogs to animal shelters or trying to “rehome” them. Most often, the exuse is “Our family is too busy to give attention to the dog.” It has been documented that dogs are one of mankind’s greatest therapists, yet they are being discarded at an alarming rate. Most of them land up euthanized in shelters across the

Weren’t we supposed to enjoy more leisure by the year 2000 because of technology? Instead, most people are busier than ever. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Increased speed and efficiency of computers and appliances has generated the desire squeeze even more activities into already crammed schedules.

We all feel trapped in the rat race. We are letting go our “loving” dogs to do what? Shop? Stay on the computer longer? Watch t.v.? Talk on the cell?

Taking your dog for a walk on a leash is a meditative experience in sensory awareness. Consumed by the virtual world of computer technology and communication devices; we are losing touch rapidly with the beautiful sky, dew on a leaf, wiggly worms crawling, the sound of wind blowing through the leaves. Instead, people “run” at area lake parks after work, “run” in and out of food markets to buy ready-made organic “fast” food.

We get to choose the kind of relationship we want to have with ourselves and the world. Each of us are responsible for making our reality each minute of the day. How do we want to live our one time lives?

Dogs do not do “wrong” things. They are mirrors for our souls to look into. If our dog is chewing, eating too much, lying around depressed, we run to corporate “pet shops” like Petsmart and Petco to “buy” them some costly product to appease them…or is it our guilt? Intuitively, each of us know our truth.

Think on this today: we may lose money, but we can always earn more. We may lose everything we own; but we can always acquire them again. We can spend our time only once. Remember your dog. Remember the first time you hugged your dog. Remember that moment. Take the cell phone off your ear; disconnect from the world of technology; and enjoy one of the simple pleasures of life…a daily walk with your dog.


~ Author Unknown