The Teeter–A New Approach


I’ve posted before about Miles’ teeter history and after 2 years, i believe that I’m FINALLY making progress.  Gosh I hope so!  We’re playing lots of games with this obstacle now…it’s almost like a jungle gym 🙂 

I started out this past summer by shaping Miles to play the “bang game” whichhelps the dog understand that they’re in control of the movement.  It went something like this at home:

That game got us pretty far, but Miles still had trepidation about doing the teeter in public (ie. class, run throughs, trials).  So my instructor suggested we try this game:

That game teaches the dog to tolerate movement that’s out of their control.  Again getting somewhere, but still not really there.  So we decided to try this:

I do believe that all three games are going to get us past this stumbling block.  The blasted teeter, our albatross.

So here’s our plan:
1.  Keep playing the bang game on all teeters we can find and gradually increase the amount that Miles has to jump up to bang it down.
2.  Keep playing the other end game with all teeters we can find while increasing the amount that I move it under him.
3.  Continue to play on our buja board and skateboard.
4.  Continue to countercondition Miles’ response to teeter noise as well as other loud sudden noises.
5.  Work through all of the stages of the “sliding teeter” game on every teeter we can find.

Wish us luck!